Brace yourself for this

Brace yourself for this

These days, our pets have teeth cleanings, dental chew treats and their own toothbrushes and toothpastes. Pet dental care sure is a larger concern than it was in the past. So what would you say to — braces for pets?

No joke. If teeth are misaligned, a dog or cat can have trouble chewing or worse. Wayward teeth can damage other teeth and soft tissues, causing painful inflammation and infection.

Braces don’t have a cosmetic use in pets. In fact, it’s considered unethical to realign teeth in breeding dogs. But in other pets that will tolerate them, braces are one way to avoid serious health problems. That said, not every veterinarian has orthodontic training, and if teeth are moved incorrectly, braces can do more harm than good.

If your pet is challenged by his choppers, work with your veterinarian to get dental issues straightened out.

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