Beware unscrupulous dog breeders

Beware unscrupulous dog breeders

The past year has been tough on all of us, including vulnerable people and pets alike.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people adopted pets for companionship. That led to a scarcity of shelter animals, particularly puppies. As a result, unscrupulous actors started to fill the gap.

Across the country, outbreaks of severe parvovirus and other infections have hit pups bred in backyard operations and sold too young. Some make it—after thousands of dollars of treatment—but many don’t. Animals suffer and so do the well-meaning folks who laid their finances and emotions on the line.

Responsible breeders guarantee the health of their pups—not like the fraudsters who sell pups online, sight unseen. If someone wants to sell you a pup in a parking lot, step away. Instead, do your homework so you can give a healthy pup the best chance at life.

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