Be on high alert to avoid high-rise syndrome

Be on high alert to avoid high-rise syndrome

On mild summer days when you’re tempted to open your windows wide, think twice if you have a cat in the house–especially if you’re way up off the ground.

Cats are both curious and focused — especially when their eyes are trained on a moving target. One pounce toward an unguarded open window and they can tumble out.

In fact, this happens so often in large cities that it’s been dubbed, high-rise syndrome. During the summer months, big-city veterinary clinics easily see several cases every week.

Amazingly, most of these cats survive, even from many floors up, because they have an amazing ability to right themselves before landing. But they often suffer injuries to their limbs, head and chest, which require emergency care.

So, if you have a cat, make sure your screens are secure before your windows are open.

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