Be cautious around pups for your own health

Be cautious around pups for your own health

If you like snuggling with puppies in pet stores or you recently brought one home, here’s something you should know.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, an outbreak of Campylobacter [CAMP-ill-δ-back-ter] infections in people over the past few months has been traced back to puppies in pet stores. So far, at least 30 people from 13 states have gotten sick.

Campylobacter can cause severe diarrhea. But what makes this outbreak even more ominous is that the bacteria are resistant to a number of antibiotics often used to treat Campylobacter infections.

Dogs that carry Campylobacter may appear healthy but they can still make you sick. So, don’t let them lick your face, and wash well after playing with, feeding or cleaning up after your pooch. For those who just brought a puppy home, schedule a veterinary checkup as soon as possible.

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