Balancing protein for your pooch

Balancing protein for your pooch

If you don’t think dogs can eat too much meat, you may have fallen victim to some strategic marketing tactics.

Similar to us, dogs are omnivores. That means they thrive on a healthy balance of protein, carbs and fat. And although proteins are key to building muscles, there can be too much of a good thing.

Excess protein can’t be stored in the body, so it has to be broken down and excreted in the urine. Getting rid of all that protein can do a number on the kidneys and the liver, too.

Protein is also pretty high in calories. That’s why high-protein diets can pack on the pounds unless a dog is active enough to use that energy.

The bottom line is it’s the quality — not the quantity — of protein that counts. Ask your veterinarian for suggestions on diets for your pooch’s lifestyle, age and size.

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