Alternative diets for dogs and cats

Alternative diets for dogs and cats

As many of us swear off—or at least cut back—our meat consumption, pet diets are facing scrutiny too. Dog and cat foods are responsible for nearly one-third the environmental cost of US meat consumption. So, researchers—and some pet parents—are looking for ways to increase sustainability.

Increasingly, the pet food industry is working on plant-based or cell-free meat products. The latter uses cultured cells instead of muscle or other organs directly from the animal.

If you think that’s something, some of the largest pet food companies are also looking into insect-based diets. But these diets still have to be evaluated by veterinary professionals, so it’s too early to jump on that bandwagon.

One more thing. Before switching to any new diet, get the low-down from your veterinarian. That beats relying on marketing every time.

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