A vet’s take on pet toys

A vet’s take on pet toys

When it comes to pet toys, veterinarians have lots of advice to offer.

There are some definite no-no’s across the board. Toys that are too hard can damage a dog’s teeth. If you can’t indent a toy with your fingernail, chances are it’s too hard. Toys used for tug-of-war also pose dental dangers. Beware of rawhide toys too — they can damage teeth and block the intestinal tract if swallowed. Intestinal obstruction is also a risk with toys containing rope, string or small parts. Finally, kid’s toys aren’t meant for pets, either, because they can’t hold up to sharp teeth.

Some toys are off limits for certain pets. If your buddy tends to be destructive, stuffed toys and their inner squeakers can pose problems. Also, stay away from small toys for very large pets.

No matter what toys you select, check them often for signs of wear and tear.

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