A plan to help cats battle the bulge

A plan to help cats battle the bulge

Obesity is a major health problem for cats, but fortunately, there are lots of ways to tackle it — including a plan developed by two feline behavioral specialists in the UK.

The central concept of the Five-A-Day Felix Plan involves mimicking how cats behave in the wild by eating frequent small meals. To that end, a cat’s daily ration is divided into at least 5 portions that are fed during a 24-hour period — that means overnight, too.

Ideally, the location of the food is often switched up so that cats can search it out. Puzzle feeders are also encouraged so that cats can work at retrieving their food. You can buy puzzle feeders or find directions online for making your own.

Last, but not least, cats should always have plenty of water available in a few locations — especially if a large portion of their diet is kibble.

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