A pet parent’s approach to seizures

A pet parent’s approach to seizures

Watching a pet have a seizure can be incredibly scary. But armed with some basic facts, pet parents can stay calm and clear-eyed to help their buddies.

During a generalized seizure, an animal loses consciousness, falls and shakes uncontrollably. Seizures aren’t intrinsically painful, but pets must be kept safe while they’re helpless. Likewise, pet parents need to protect themselves from unintentional bites.

If your dog has a seizure, it’s important to contact your veterinarian immediately after the event occurs. Note how long the seizure lasts, and any other signs your pet displays.

Although seizures can have many causes, all signal some type of problem in the brain. Your veterinarian knows your dog and its medical history, and can determine the best next steps to ensure that appropriate treatment is given when needed.

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